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Anthony Lamacchia – September 2018


Anthony Lamacchia: Hey everybody, good morning. I want to talk to you about using data, using blogs, using videos to get buyers motivated. I’ve mentioned this to you guys. I did the video about a week ago when I was saying now, now and on the whiteboard and all that. I got thinking, jeez, I didn’t help you guys come up with things to show. I mentioned somethings. I mentioned on market snapshots, I mentioned inventory, but yesterday we released a blog at our company called no dot dot dot, there’s nothing wrong with that house.

In this blog, we went on to explain how, when a buyer sees a house that isn’t selling right now because of the way spring was and early summer was, they’re like, “Why isn’t it selling? Must be something wrong with it. Has to be something wrong with it.” We all know as realtors, no, that’s not the case. It’s because there’s more homes on the market right now. The market is not as busy. We know that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with it but they don’t get it and they get skeptical, okay.

What we did is, we put a blog together explaining how that’s not true then we took it a step further, we went out and we actually found homes that were on the market last fall, didn’t sell but then sold this past spring for more money. I’ll tell you that’s what nailed this bog. Absolutely nailed it. It’s something that we thought of in a meeting the other night and we said let’s show the buyers how, “Hey, if you don’t buy the house now for 400, you might be paying for 420 in the spring. You don’t buy it for seven, you might be paying 750 in the spring.”

We put a bunch of those examples. Those examples exist in your market no matter where you are, Massachusetts, California, Texas, I don’t care, I know we have widespread viewership here and you can find those. We’re going to post this blog in the comments below so that you can see it. There’s no reason that you can’t go find comparative properties in your neighborhood to show to your buyers to increase that motivation. We put this blog out yesterday and several of our realtors have already said that they have new engagement with buyers and a few of the buyers were like, “Wow, this is very telling. I didn’t realize it.”

One of our realtors, in particular, one of our best, Jocelyn, who’s a big believer like me in educating buyers, she has buyers that she’s been in touch with for two years that she’s now going out with this weekend because she sent them that blog. Before sending them that blog, she had lost touch with them. She sent it, they emailed back, they have appointments now to see homes this weekend. She sent it to them yesterday at about noon time.

Use data, create your own data, look at our blog, make something just like it yourself, obviously, don’t copy it word for word or Google is going to nail us both, but there’s no reason you can’t make something just like it. There’s no reason you can’t go to your hometown or the town the buyers are looking in, look up these properties and find the ones that sold like that and show it to the buyers.

That’s all guys, do that, get these buyers motivated. Show them the truth. The truth is, they can better deals right now in the fall with higher inventory and it’s your job to explain that to them. That’s all. I’m here at the public house in Sturbridge. I’m headed in to moderate a panel of Massachusetts lawmakers on the various laws that happened and didn’t happen this year related to real estate, but I wanted to get this message out to you guys and I want to wish everyone a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend. You might be watching this next week but happy home selling in the fall everybody. Thanks.