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Anthony Lamacchia – December 11th, 2017

Hey, everybody, good morning. I wanted to present to you a goals spreadsheet. We went over this. Obviously, the other day, we talked about goals, and then here at our training, yesterday and then last week, we went over a spreadsheet and talked about how agents can take it, they can put in their own numbers to be able to project where they’ll end up with their sales because, when people are setting goals what they tend to do is they just think about the end. They say, “I’m going to sell X houses.” You need to think about how are you going to get yourself there. Really, you should start from the top of the funnel from the beginning. How many leads? How many of those leads you’re actually going to speak to? Of those ones you speak to, how many people are you going to book an appointment with? Of the people you book an appointment with, how many are you going to actually meet with, or you’re going to attend? Of the ones you meet with, how many you actually going to take on as a client?

For the purpose of this spreadsheet that we’re going to share with you, we started at that point. We started at the point of the actual meetings. Again, I want to emphasize that does not mean that you should just forget about the top of the funnel activities. But for the purpose of this spreadsheet, we started at the point of appointment and what we looked at, you can see it says sellers, it says buyers, and what we looked at, and I just put in hypothetical’s here. Let’s say, next year you have 20 buyer appointments and you sign up 60% of the buyers you meet with to actually work with you, that would be 12 buyers. Of the 12 that you sign up, you actually sell a home to nine of them. If the average priced home is $400,000, that shows how much volume there is, then you get down a little bit further, it shows the average commissions, and you can break down what you’ll make after that.

Obviously, commissions vary. I know people are watching these videos nationally. I don’t want to fixate on a commission amount. Commissions in your market vary, I don’t know what they are, I don’t care to know. What you get paid depending upon what company you’re at varies. You can take this spreadsheet, you can plug in your commission splits, what you typically get from a client, from a sale, and what your split is at your company. You can plug down right into this and it will auto calculate for you. The cells have been formulated to do that for you, to actually show you what you’ll make in the end. Then we also put a separate sheet to go over expenses. And we put in the typical expenses that agents have. If you see something in there that you don’t have as an expense, put a zero. If you see something that you do that’s missing, plug it in, it doesn’t matter but it auto calculates for you. And if you follow this through, it will give you not only a good picture of what metrics you should be looking at and what metrics you should try to hold yourself to, but it’ll also do the math for you. It’ll help you twofold.

If people want this spreadsheet, any realtor out there, I don’t care what part of the country you’re at, if you’re local, you’re national, if you’re a competitor here in our market in the Greater Boston area, it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t mind. If you want this spreadsheet, message us right here on the question page. Send a direct message, just say who you are and put your email and we will email it out to you. No obligations, we’re not going to hunt you down or anything like that. We’ll literally just send the spreadsheet straight to you in order to help out. That’s all, my friends. Thanks very much. Have a great day.