Monday Morning Thoughts

Read the blog below:

Morning. I want to talk to you guys about an example of what I mean by “Don’t slip into closing mode.” We’ve talked about this before but today’s Monday morning, was a very busy weekend, extremely busy. A lot of new inventory came on last week. Buyers were out in droves this weekend. We got a ton of inquiries to our agent help and things going on with offers and it’s great to see, but I want to talk to you more specifically about closing mode and how not to fall in it.

Example. Today is Monday. Yes, you should be really excited if you have offers you’re dealing with, offers that came in, that’s awesome, but I want you to be thinking about, “What business growing activity am I going to do today? When today am I going to make sure to scrape out– Even if it’s 25 minutes, a half an hour, to call leads. Schedule appointments for this week.” That’s what you should be thinking about.

Your number one priority to grow your business, maintain your business, is to make sure you always have appointments in front of you. We’ve talked about the Friday thing. Never let a week pass without having appointments booked for the next week. I want to ask all of you right now, how many new business appointments do you have booked this week? How many new buyers are you going to take out and show properties to? How many new buyers do you have consultations with? How many new sellers do you have listing appointments with?

That’s what I want you thinking about. If you’ve got none, but you have offers to deal with today, scrape out a half an hour, make dials, book appointments and make sure you have new business activities going on this week, so that you maintain and you keep it rolling.

Don’t get caught up in closing mode, you don’t have to. You can negotiate your offers. Hang up the phone. Pick up the phone and get new things booked. That’s all guys, make it a great day.