Meet Meghan Martin & Genevieve Botelho, Two Agents Who Made it Their Mission to Make Lamacchia Realty’s 2018 President’s Club!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Folks, why do we do a President’s Club at Lamacchia Realty? There’s several reasons that we do it. If you’re a team leader, broker, owner, whatever you are, you should think about establishing something like this for your group. Yes, I lost my voice. We’ve had a hell of a fun week, Genevieve.

Genevieve: Sorry, sorry.

Anthony: We’ve had a really fun week. What I wanted to do is, I wanted to bring to you two people, I’m proud of everybody that made it, but two people that have truly inspiring stories of how they made it, how they used President’s Club as something to reach for, and how it got them to have tremendous focus. The first person is the wonderful Meghan Martin, right here. Meghan’s someone that came into my office a year and a half ago, two years ago?

Meghan: September 2017.

Anthony: September 2017, and said, “I will.” Granted, at that time, you were really going full time at that time. She said, “I will make President’s Club next year.” I was kind of like, “Okay. We’ll talk about that.”

Meghan: Yes, basically I– Anthony had said to us, “You’ve got to set goals, and you have to set your goals out loud, or else they won’t happen.”

Anthony: That’s right.

Meghan: I said to him, in front of the entire room, “I’m going to make President’s Club.” With that in mind, everyone around us was like, “You’ve got to keep doing this, got to get dong this.” Anthony just kept saying, “Follow the program, the program works. Follow the training, come to training. Do everything we’re teaching you, then it’s a no brainer. You can totally do it.” Here I am.

Anthony: You used it as something to really inspire towards and you stayed focused on it the whole year. You kept talking about it, out loud, the whole year. Now I want you to meet Genevieve Botelho, from our Worcester office. I’ve got to do a little storytelling first.

Genevieve: Okay.

Anthony: She won’t brag about it. Genevieve’s one of the best agents I’ve ever seen as far as skill set, knowledge. Her clients are truly lucky to have her. One thing she’s had the habit of doing over the years is doing a ton of business and then going down in a slump for a little bit, then a ton, and a slump. Last July, she reached out to me all frustrated, and she said, “I’m so aggravated. I’m in a slump. I can’t believe it. I’ve only closed eight houses so far this year.” She had two under agreement. We got talking, and I said, “Genevieve, do you know that you could make President’s Club by the end of this year?” She goes, “Anthony, I have eight sales, two deals under agreement. That means I would need 25 more sales before the end of the year, and today is July fifth.” I said, “Yes, and you could do it.” Tell the story.

Genevieve: I actually don’t even know how it happened, except for I was focused. I had a goal in mind. He had me print out the President’s Club sheet and write down how many I’d closed and check one off every time I had one under agreement and closed, which was actually quite depressing. At first, it was a demotivator on my part. It just seemed impossible to be quite honest. I followed the system. I stayed focused. I didn’t go into closing mode. As soon as you started seeing results, I just wanted more and wanted more.

Anthony: That’s right. The funny thing is, I didn’t remember this until she mentioned it a few minutes ago. When I told her, I said, “Put that President’s Club sheet on your wall.” I said, “Write down where you’re at right now.” She’s like, “Screw that, that’s depressing.” I said, “I don’t care if it’s depressing.” I said, “Do you want to make it?” She goes, “Shit yes I want to make it. Of course, I do, but I don’t think I can.” I said, “I know you can.” She closed more than 25.

Genevieve: 35.

Anthony: 35. She ended up closing two extra than she needed to. She kept her eye on the ball. Then you swung into this year in better shape than ever.

Genevieve: Seven closed and ten under.

Anthony: Seven closed.

Meghan: Three of them here. She did three of them here.

Genevieve: Because of the support they give you. I’m telling you, I know, I’m not even good at this.

Anthony: No, listen. Okay, thank you.

Genevieve: I wouldn’t be able to do it, if I didn’t have–

Anthony: I know you would. You listen.

Genevieve: -the support.

Anthony: Thank you both. I’m proud of you both. You make me so proud. I love spending time with you here. I love helping you guys get to your goals. The fact of the matter is you did it. I didn’t do it.

Genevieve: Thank you.

Meghan: Thank you.

Anthony: You did it. You did it, and that’s what I want everybody to think about. You have to have clarity. You have to have something that you’re reaching towards. That’s what I saw out of both of them. They had a goal in mind, and they said, “I’m going to get there.” They changed some habits, they put things in place, they stuck to them, and they stayed focused. That’s what’s so impressive. Congrats ladies. Thanks, everybody.