Make Friday Night Your Deadline

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What’s up everybody. I want to talk to you about never letting a week go by without having appointments booked for the next week, holding yourself accountable on a weekly basis. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It In Real Estate, heading out to Springfield mass to talk to some realtor friends and I thought I’d talk to all of you on the way. I was going to film this tomorrow but I changed my mind.

Here’s the deal guys. Today is Thursday, next week is going to be here before you know it. Do not let tomorrow night at 5:00 o’clock pass without having at least three new business appointments scheduled for next week. Okay? I follow this rule of thumb and did this with an agent in our company last year who hit a low in the middle of the year, a great agent, a very well-known agent in our company but she hit a low, she got frustrated. I would talk to her almost weekly, toward the end of the week, I’d say, “What do you have booked for next week? What do you have booked for next week or by the third week?”

She mad sure that she had stuff booked before we got on the phone, and if she didn’t, she’d say, “Well, I only have one booked, I’m going to get two more.” Guys, if you hold yourself to this every week, if you make Friday night at 05:00 a deadline, or maybe if you work Saturdays consistently, Saturdays at noon a deadline, and you say mentally, “I will not let that time come unless I have at least two buyers and at least two seller appointments booked.”

Or, at this time of year it’s a little early, maybe you say three total, but guys, personal accountability, setting things in place so that you have you have a goal every Monday when you start your week, or Sunday, or however you do your schedule, a lot of realtors work on the weekend. You know by Friday night, I had better have new business appointments booked by next week, watch what it’ll do to your business. Okay, watch what it will do.

You can generate business, sign calls off your listings, making meaningful calls to your sphere. We’re running a by-referral course right now. We’ve got a new agent who’ve been in the business about three months, and part of the course each week we give people to do, one of their to-do’s was have 12 meaningful conversations with your sphere of influence, your past clients, whoever over the next seven days. This was the homework last Wednesday.

One of the gentlemen in our training, Joe is his name made his phone calls and he got on the phone with someone who says, “You know what, I’ve been meaning to call you. I noticed you’re in real estate now. I’ve got a two family I want to sell and I want to buy something else.” I found out about this on Saturday and I said, “Oh, because you made a meaningful call.” Right?

Guys, it’s all about taking action. Your telephone will make you more money than anything else in your arsenal. All this Facebook bullshit and all these other things that I preach to you and people talk about, yes, it helps. Okay, maybe it’s not a complete bullshit. The point I’m getting at is, if you did nothing else but just made calls, you’ll do a ton of business. If you did Facebook posts and all these other fancy things, you’d have some business but you wouldn’t have as much as if you’ve just made calls.

All right, today is Thursday, let’s start this week. I’m challenging all of you realtors out there right now, how many appointments can you have by tomorrow night for next week? My challenge to you is have three. I don’t care if it’s two buyers, one seller, whatever it is, three buyers, whatever. Three new business appointments by tomorrow night on Friday night at 5:00. When you do it, please comment about it because believe me, you can do it if you pick the phone up and you make it a mission. If I told you, you can’t eat dinner tomorrow night without scheduling these appointments, I guarantee you, you would dig, you would find them, and you would make it happen.

All right guys, you get the point. End of my rant. Have a great day. I’m heading to Western Massachusetts in a damn monsoon to have some fun with some realtor friends out there and speak about some different things – fire conversion, seller conversion, and having a great 2019. Make it a great day everyone. Love you all.