Learn How to Close More Sales and Have a Life

Read the blog below:

] Sara Kalke: Would you like to sell 105 homes a year and still have a life? I mean a real life where you actually get to spend time with your family, where you get to live your dreams, do all the things that you’ve always imagined doing but have always put them off for maybe retirement or some other day. I’m Sara Kalke of Key Real Estate Coaching and I’m coming to Lamacchia Realty to present to you how I do it, selling lots of homes as an individual agent, going on lots of vacations with my family and showing my four horses.

It’s not rocket science. The first thing you’re going to learn is that anybody can do what I do. It’s not complicated, it doesn’t involve spending a lot of money, in fact, it involves what most of us do the best, which is have great relationships with their clients and do a really good job. What’s the difference though? What do I do that can make you have your absolute best year ever in 2019 that you can start implementing right after this class? First most important thing that you can do is learn how to focus. I will be talking about focus, clarity, knowing exactly what you need to do every moment and getting really good, extremely good, living the life of your dreams good, once you understand a few simple concepts.

I won’t make any lies about it, there is simplicity in complex concepts. I’m going to be telling you all about how to simplify from trainers, from learning, from masterminds that I have gone to with some of the top coaches and trainers, teams and owners in the whole entire world in the real estate space. I’ll be teaching you what I have learned, what I’ve implemented into my business. I’ll see you October, 25.