Killer Open Houses

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Anthony Lamacchia:

Who wants to have a killer open house? Not a normal open house, a killer open house. In this video, I’m going to talk to you about three or four tactics that will take your open house from a normal one to a killer one. First step before we talk about those signs and how they work is the neighborhood. Here is the subject house. Here is the streets. Normal realtor puts a sign here and a sign here. Two signs, maybe three.

Guys, if you want to have a killer open house, you’re going to be putting signs up here, here, here, here, here, here, everywhere driving people to the house. I know everyone loves technology, apps, and all kinds of things. Guys, you have no idea, the power of signage. The power of signage on a Saturday or Sunday or weekday evening open house during commuting time.

You put up a lot of signs, you will be shocked how many people show. If I’m in your shoes, I’m putting up a minimum of 10 regular, boring open house signs. A minimum of 10 for every open house I do. Yes, you’ve got to go about half an hour earlier. Guys, in life, you get more out of things that you put more into. The more effort you make, the more you get back. Remember, where else can you go and have buyers come to you in droves?

Now, here is the key. Here is the part that I hope you’re still watching for. How do you get them to give you their information? How do you do that? Stay with me. Do you see these signs right here? It’s all right. You can just keep following me around, Kristin. “Must see. Open house. Free list of area homes for sale.” Guys, if I’m you, I’m putting up 20 of these. At least 30 signs for open house.

I’m putting up two or three around all my regular open house signs. See over here where it says, “Main Street.” If I was you, I’d put about five of these in a row five feet apart right here, leading up to this street right here. All of a sudden, people go, “Whoa, there is a free list of homes for sale.” Now, they’re not just coming for the open house, but they’re coming for the free list.

Now, stay with me. I’m going to tell you how to get their information. Don’t go away. This sits outside the door. It should be the last thing that they look at before they walk in the front door. There I see it. They go to the front door, right? Now, when they walk in the door, usually, there’s a sign-in sheet. The realtor says, “Please, sign in.” What does the buyer think? “I don’t want to sign in,” right?

It says, “If you have a realtor, please say yes.” Everybody says yes because they want to lie and put you away, right? You want to get people to want you to contact them? You want to get people to willingly, happily give you their information? Offer them this. Free list of area homes for sale. Guys, it’s not hard. Don’t think too much. Right now, there’s people watching and thinking, “Well, how do I come up with a list?”

It’s very simple. You go on. You look for some properties that are for sale in the area. You email them to them. You have a sign-in sheet that says, “Free list of area homes for sale,” or maybe you pull this off at stake and you sit this on the counter with an arrow pointing down. Maybe a piece of paper or maybe, if you’re like me, you just draw on your own damn sign and make an arrow.

You put a sheet right in front and you say, “For the free list of area homes for sale, please fill out your information below.” Watch how many people will fill it out. Watch how many people will never mention another realtor because nine times out of 10, they are lying. You put that there. Now, they’re contacting you. First time I ever tried this was the fall of 2008. If you’re from Boston, you’ll know what I’m talking about. North of Boston in Revere.

We’ve put so many of those signs, “Free list of homes for sale,” on the 93 off-ramp to Revere. It was big going down the street like cheese everywhere from the house all the way to the property. That was about half a mile away. We had so many people show up. The police came because they were trying to figure out why there was so many people in this residential neighborhood. If you do it, it’ll work. If I’m in your shoes just the way I operated when I sold, I’m putting out at least 10 regular, boring Lamacchia Realty signs, right?

That’s what I would be doing. Regular open house sign and then I would be putting up at least 20 or 30 of these. That’s how you have a killer open house. Make sure you have the sign-in sheet inside so that they can fill it out because if you don’t, they’re going to show up and go, “How do I get that list?” You’re going to be going crazy because it’s so many people. That, folks, is how you have a killer open house. Thanks, everybody.