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Anthony Lamacchia – October 15th, 2018

Do you want to get more sales this year? Do you want to sell more homes, finish the year strong? Then you need to grind. That’s what I’m here to talk to you about. Anthony Lamacchia here. Just had two calls with two of our agents that are almost at President’s Club in our company. I was talking to them about things they can do in the next three to four weeks to get more homes under agreement.

Dig for homes for sale. Get your listings at the right prices because folks, the next three to four weeks is that time that buyers start to freak out and say, “Jeez, if I don’t buy a house in the next three or four weeks, I’m not going to be able to buy one this year and I wanted to buy one this year.” If your listings aren’t priced right, you’re not going to get these houses under agreement.

You’ve got three weeks, maybe four to do that before right around November 10th comes and the winter mode starts setting into buyers. Also sellers, sellers do the same thing. “Maybe I’ll wait till next year,” that sort of thing. You need to work for the next three weeks like it’s the Super Bowl, like it’s March. If you want to get in another handful of sales, you can do it. Buyers are starting to have some urgency. A lot of sellers have come down to earth.

Price adjustments have been plentiful in the last few weeks and a lot of sellers have come down to where they should. You need to get your buyers in gear, get them out there. If your sellers haven’t gotten in gear, you need to get them in gear, get their prices where they’re realistic and hustle, grind, work hard and get as many sales as you can for the next three or four weeks and you can relax a little bit in the winter when it’s slow. Have a good day, everyone.