Is Your Market Busy?

Read the blog below:

What’s up, realtor friends? Is it busy? What is your market like? Do you feel like the market’s hopping? Do you feel like it’s slow? Obviously, there’s more inventory in the market and that is giving buyers more choices, making some buyers overreact and feel like they can get such a better deal than they could three months ago. It’s like, “Hey, you can get a little bit of a better deal. Homes are sitting a little longer. There’s a little more to look for, but don’t push your luck too far.”

Then, of course, on the flip side, in the summer we deal with sellers who don’t realize that it’s not March anymore. There’s always some of that, but there is more balance in the market. Interest rates are lower. They’ve come down. They seem like they’re coming down more. The Fed cut the rate today. I feel, based on MLS statistics, homes listed versus homes sold, that the market is better this summer than it was last.

How do you feel? Is it busier? Are you busier? Do you think the market is strong, weak? What do you think? Please share, comment below. Have a good day, guys. Happy summer.