In November Are You…?

Read the blog below:

Speaker: Do you want to go to a bunch of educational events, network with other realtors, meet more people, grow your business, help your business? Then you should be going to the National Association of Realtors Annual Conference that is in Boston this year. My Massachusetts friends, I’m calling on you. I’m sitting here, right now, going through the agenda, defending your commission, the art of personal safety. Here’s a good one, up in smoke doing business with marijuana industry participants. That will be some interesting conversations there.

Let’s see here, a team or not team, video mastery, best practices for small ND brokerages. I’ll check that up. Federal legislative update on Friday morning. Let’s see, one o’clock on Sunday, how to provide leads, training and hold agents accountable. I heard this guy’s a really good speaker, Lindsey. He’s supposed to be great. That should be entertaining. I would check that guy out.

That’s it my friend. All I’m here to tell you is you’re nuts if you miss events like this. If you’re a Massachusetts realtor, I got to go pay an apple picking that weekend. Guys, go the weekend, before go the weekend after, but the weekend after there’ll probably be no apples left. Who cares? Do you want apples or you want lots of sales. I’ve been going to the national conference since 2011, I don’t know, ’10 or ’11. I haven’t missed one since, it’s a great event. I’ve actually done videos here on Crush It and talk to you guys about the value of getting on a plane, traveling, go to other events, learning things, opening your mind, getting outside from your shell. There’s a lot of realtors who they hunker down in their shell and they got this mindset like they know everything.

Folks, you don’t know everything. I’m on a plane all the time and every time I go away, I come up back with the least one valuable item that we put into practice for our realtors here at our company. You’re nuts if you miss it if you are in Massachusetts. If you’re not in Massachusetts, get on a plane, come out and visit. We just might be having a little cocktail fun thing for our Crush It real-estate followers and our training customers and our LaMacchia Realtors but don’t tell anyone we haven’t announced it yet. Have a great day everyone.