Improve Your Teams Accountability and Profitability

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Anthony Lamacchia – March 28th, 2018

Do give leads to your agents and feel like there’s no accountability, no structure, it’s just- everything is all over the place, no one listens? If you’re a broker-owner, if you’re a manager, if you’re a team leader, this is an epidemic of a problem across the country, in this industry. A year and a half ago, I spoke at the Zillow Conference and talked about this exact thing in Las Vegas. I talked about how here at our company we created structure.

We put tracking mechanisms in place because remember, what isn’t measured cannot be improved. We put all different types of things in place back in 2012 and since then, our business has consistently grown.Consistently, without all the headaches, not that we don’t have some, but without all the headaches that I hear about from friends around the country. I want to send this video to you.

Now, you can just try to Google and find it, but you’ll have a hard time. It’s not real easy to find. We have it. We have the exact YouTube link. If you fill out your information on this page, we will immediately email it to you, will come to you automatically. Just fill out the form, the video will come to you and by the time you’re done watching this, 17, 18-minute video, I can promise you, you will have a much better understanding of the framework that you should have in place for your team, the framework that you should have in place.

If you put even half of what I talked about in that speech in place, you’ll see a dramatic improvement with your team or with your agents or however you structure it. It doesn’t matter how your group is, what it comes down to is the way you set things up, a mix of carrots and sticks. Again, fill out your information here, you’ll receive the video, and I guarantee it’ll help you out. Thank you.

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