Humanize Your Market!

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Lindsay Favazza, February 5th, 2019: 

Hey, everybody! I want to teach you about humanizing your marketplace. What does that mean, why should you be doing it, and how do you do it. First of all, what is humanizing your marketplace? It is putting yourself within your community. As you can imagine, the reason that you would want to do this is because that way, people will look to you as a resource within your community for buying and selling property, right? As far as humanizing your marketplace, putting yourself within that community could be done in a really fun and interesting way. You don’t just have to post about homes that you’re selling in the area, you can post about local beaches, about local restaurants that are opening.

Things like that. I’m actually sitting here right now and I’m doing this video from Good Harbor Beach. So pretty. It’s 61 degrees right now in February. I’m humanizing my marketplace with you right now. I’m doing a video from a really iconic location within my town. There’s probably people that are watching this right now are saying to themselves, “I’ve been to that beach. I know exactly where she is.”

Like I said, humanizing your marketplace is super powerful especially if you work in certain towns, small areas or whatever the area is that you work in, if people know that you live there, that your kids go to the same school that you shop at the same grocery store, these are the kind of things that people go, “You know what, she’s just like me. When I want to buy or sell a house, that’s who I’m going to go to.” That’s why you should be doing it because it really helps to solidify you within your market place. How do you do it? Doing a video similar to this. Something near an iconic location or landmark is great. You could just be giving market updates but be standing in front of that landmark. That would be awesome.

You can go and interview a new restaurant owner that’s about to open a new restaurant in town. Ask him what’s going to be on the menu, post that video up. You’re not buying or selling real estate, you’re not talking about buying or selling real estate but you’re humanizing your marketplace. You’re putting yourself within your community and you’re sharing something that will be an engaging post for your audience. All right, I’ve given you a couple of ideas, I’m not going to say anything else. I do have a few more ideas and maybe I’ll put them in the comments below as the brainstorming starts, but I want you guys to brainstorm some ideas.

I want you to tell me in the comments below how you humanize your marketplace. How you put yourself within your community. Talk about it below and throw some posts out that talk about exactly how you do it. Maybe, give us an example in the post comments below or just write some ideas on ways that you can do it, okay? Also, up in the post, I’m going to include a link to our website.

I’ll put the link above. Click on that if you want to get additional social media tips on ways to just help your Facebook page and ways to get your social media presence a bigger lift. All right, guys. Humanize that marketplace, comment below and let us know your ideas. I can’t wait to see the brainstorm get started. Thanks so much. Have a great day.