How to Keep Your Buyers Happy

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Anthony Lamacchia: Hey everybody, good morning. Here to talk to you about digging for your buyers and making sure that you are letting them know you are out digging. What do I mean by digging? Remember that video I did about three weeks ago when I talked about always be looking for your buyers be digging, finding homes for them letting them know you’re for homes for them, and that’s what I want to talk to you about today. Anthony Lamacchia here with my buddy, my boy Mason, my oldest boy. He was just helping me bring a bunch of firewood in for the weekend.

Real quick, I just want to point this out because we are at the time of year that buyers start to get, I shouldn’t say start to get, buyers are grumpy. The reason is inventory is so low. It’s starting to come up a little bit, but the inventory of homes for sale is not coming up at the rate that is really necessary just yet. You have to make sure that you’re looking for your buyers, you’re digging, your calling expireds, you’re finding about homes that might be getting listed soon, and you’re reaching out to sellers, reaching out to other realtors, and most importantly, letting the buyers know that you’re doing this, okay?

If the buyer doesn’t feel like you’re looking for them or as I call it digging, there’s a high susceptibility that buyers are going to bail out on you. They’re going to go on Zillow, they’re going to go on, they’re going to click a button, another agent’s going to call them in two minutes and they’re going to think, “You know what, I haven’t talked to my agent, I haven’t heard from my agent in a month. This agent called me right back and they’re willing to show me this house, I’m going on with this agent,” and then you lose your buyer all because why?

You didn’t stay in touch, okay? Remember, when you’re dealing with buyers and sellers when things are tough, that’s when you need to be in touch more not less. You might not feel like things are tough because you might be thinking, “It’s winter, there’s not too many homes out there,” but the buyer doesn’t get that and you need to explain that to them. Show them reports, prove to them that inventory is at its lowest and make sure you are doing your job. See that the Belichick motto and sorry national friends, but we’re going to win tomorrow night, but that’s all my friends.

Have a great day and don’t forget Tuesday 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time I’m going to do a 30-minute listing session; how to sign-up more listings, how to get the commission you want or need or whatever require, and how to get sellers to be realistic. That’ll be live on Tuesday at 12:00 PM, please tune in. Have a great day, everyone, thank you.

Anthony Lamacchia – January 2018