Home Inspection Frustrations!

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Anthony: Home inspections, home inspections, home inspections. Are you getting frustrated with them? Are your buyers walking away when you have a listing? Are you getting aggravated when the buyer makes too much noise? Your sellers are mad, your buyers are mad. Guys, there are things you can do to stop this from happening or at least decrease it from happening or get the parties involved to work together a little bit better, as opposed to just being feisty and acting like they’re in some sort of war.

Couple different things you can do. Number one, use the telephone. The telephone is an amazing creation, about 150 years old, I would say. Too many people are using email only and not picking up the phone to talk to their seller, or talk to their buyer and warm them up and warn them for what’s to come. As an example, you are a listing agent, buyer does a home inspection, buyer’s agent sends you an email with a whole bunch of different things.

Some are questions, some are requests. Right now, you’re in a rush, you’re busy, you are a busy realtor, you forward the email off to your seller, you say, “See below, I’ll call you later. See below, let me know your thoughts. See what they said below.” Something like that. No, no, do not do that. You first must pick the phone up, call them, talk to them about it, let them know that you’re going to send the email if you’re going to send it. When you do send it, do not forward it.

Forwarding causes trouble. Cut and paste the email and separate– See this right here? Separate the questions and the requests, this is critically important. This is in our training in detail. I don’t have that for you right now but I’m explaining to you. Many times when a buyer’s agent sends over an email, there’s 10 different things they are talking about. If you really read, six or seven of them are really just looking for clarification. When’s the last time the boiler was done, was serviced? When’s the last time the roof was done?

Then number four or number three might be, “Can the seller get a termite treatment done?” You need to separate these two things, send a new fresh email from them. They have the questions and the requests being different. I would put the questions first, put the requests second. Just to go back over, pick the phone up, speak to your sellers first. Same with buyers, guys.

Let’s say, you forward an email. Let me think about this, you send an email to a listing agent. Listing agent replies to you, “Seller will not do nothing.” Don’t take that forward to the buyer and say, “See, below, the seller won’t do nothing.” No, no, pick up the phone, speak to them. Say, “If you’d like to see it yourself, I could send you the email.” Don’t forward it.

You follow what I’m saying, guys? All I’m really talking about here is proper communication. The reason I’m saying that is buyers and sellers love to act like they are in a fistfight. There’s no reason to be in a fistfight when you are selling a home. Use the phone, don’t forward your emails and separate the questions from requests. There’s a big difference between questions and requests.

Let me tell you a quick story. Christine’s arms are killing her. Quick, quick story. 2007, I get an email from a buyer’s agent, I forward it to a seller. Didn’t cut and paste, didn’t take my own advice, forwarded it to the seller. 20 minutes later seller replies, “Put buyer’s agent and buyer on it.” Says, “If you don’t like my house the way it is, you can go to hell.” On my screen. I was like, “Argh!” Whole deal blew up, everybody went in separate directions. Emotion is what drives sellers, not logic. We are not in the commercial real estate business where numbers and logic matter. We are in the residential real estate business where people act on pride, they act on their heart, they act on emotion. If you use these tips right here, these three, you will have many less deals fall apart from home inspection. That’s all guys. Have a great day.