Here’s An Idea to Land Your Buyers a Home!

Read the blog below:

Hey, guys, exciting weekend coming up. Happy Monday to you all. Listen, if you’ve been working your butt off all spring, you deserve some time off. Take a weekend off and have fun. If you are one of these agents who’s been really frustrated, having a hard time getting your buyers’ offers accepted because of multiple offers situations, I’ll tell you right now, one week from today there will be about this many multiple offers situations. That many. Very, very few. Very few bidding wars because of the holiday weekend. Less buyers looking, less sellers worth looking.

I don’t want to deter people from having fun and things like that, but if you can cut out some time to get out with those few buyers that are really ready to go, encourage them to get out this weekend and look at homes because there’s many more homes on the market right now and we have a holiday weekend coming up. Perfect time to score, perfect time to get your buyers out to see some properties and hopefully make offers and hopefully land properties for them. All right, guys, have a great week.