Have You Had a Seller Say, “What Are You Doing to Sell My Home?”

Read the blog below:

Anthony Lamacchia : 

Everyone say, “Hello.”

Group: Hello.

Guys, we’re wrapping up a training that we just did on communicating with sellers when the home is first on the market. We have a full house here today, including all our national friends up here. Say, “Hello.” Everyone, wave. All right. We are talking about making sure to do things strategically, preventatively, proactively with sellers when they’re home is first on the market. If you are in touch often– Kelly, you talked– No, Colleen talked about that. Kelly and I, we were just talking about utilizing blogs, reports, all different kinds of things like that so that sellers can actually see the data, because they’re going to believe the data more than they’re going to believe you. We also showed off, with Angela’s help, director of operations here, Sabrina. Say, “Hello.”

 Two very experienced people in realtors, in messaging with sellers and helping sellers understand where their price needs to be. If you communicate properly, utilize emails, show them what you’re doing to sell their home, they won’t be asking you, “What are you doing to sell my home?” Anything else I should tell them about? Come on, guys. Cam, you’re the camera man. Is there anything else I should talk to them about?

Cam: The MLS tool.

The MLS tools. In Massachusetts, MLS PIN allows us to go in, ask how many more client matches there would be if we adjusted the price down. It enables us to do that and we’re going to be showing that soon. That’s all everybody, that’s the tip of the day. Have a good one.