Good News – The Market is Turning Back On!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: I got some good news, my friends. This is good news. I’m excited to say this. I’ve been excited to say this for five weeks. Five weeks, I’ve been excited to tell you this. The market is turning back on. It’s happening. Still slow, no denying it. It’s still a slower market than it was, and then it would normally be at this time of year, but it’s like a light switch turned on this week. It’s turning up a little bit, maybe more like a dimmer switch. We’re starting to see a little bit of light and it’s happening. It is very exciting to see. I want to give a couple of recommendations to all of you, a couple of tips.

Number one, be there, be ready, get back to people, talk to your clients, talk to your prospects, talk to your leads like you are ready, willing, and able to do business. Be very careful. I know that there’s been– The interesting thing about this crisis to me is it’s almost like politics. You got people that are, “I am not working.” Then you got people like, “What’s the big deal? I’m working.” I’ve said all along, work as much as you’re comfortable, let the clients lead the way, don’t be selling, don’t be pushing, but it changed a little bit this week. Now, the clients are coming out of the woodwork. There’s way more buyer leads on properties. There’s more homes getting listed. Pendings are up. Monday at three o’clock on the Lamacchia Realty page I will be breaking down all of that, and I’ll be discussing it.

My message to you is the next week, the next two weeks is critical. We’re about to pass the peak here in Massachusetts, and things are turning back on. Obviously, people are getting very sick of being home. If you’re not there for your clients and you’re not there to serve them, you will lose them. The next two weeks, you’ll lose more clients than you’ve ever lost if you’re not at least there to take their calls, serve their needs, send them listings, jump on a zoom with them, talk to them, maybe show them some homes in a safe manner, get their home on the market and show it in a safe manner. If you’re not starting to move towards doing those kinds of things for your clients, you’re going to lose some business. There I warned you. That’s number one.

Number two, we’re putting out another survey. We did a survey two weeks ago. We had 200 realtors participate in it. We want to do another survey. There’s only 10 questions. It’s questions like, are your buyers still on the sidelines? Are your sellers still on the sidelines? What percentage now? We’re comparing and contrasting between the two because we want to see what the differences are. We’re going to send this out via email tomorrow morning to all of our Crush It in Real Estate followers. If you’re not someone who regularly receives emails from us, and you want this survey, you need to post your email in the comments below, and they’ll send it out to you. Maybe even tonight, they’ll send the survey out to you.

10 simple questions, we want to get the answers from realtors. We feel it’s very, very important to get it from the realtor community because at the end of the day, you guys are the boots on the ground. You’re the ones talking to people. I don’t want to ask the buyers and sellers. There’s nothing in it for them to fill out the survey, to be honest about it, but there’s a lot in it for the realtors. I’m going to say the same thing I said two weeks ago, if you participate in the survey, you will receive the results. If you don’t participate in the survey, you will not receive the results. Two weeks ago, we did this. I had people reach out, “Can I please get the results? Can I do the survey now?” a week after it was done.

My message is, please, if you want to be involved and you want to receive the results, just take the survey so that you can participate in these results and then you can receive the results. That’s it. Super happy to bring you guys some good news on this Friday afternoon. I’ve been dying to tell you that the market was turning back on, and it’s happened my friends. Have an awesome weekend. Stay safe, and happy home selling.