Give Me Your Questions!

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Anthony Lamacchia – April 23rd, 2018

Morning, everybody. I’m here at the top of Mount Wachusett. Just did a hike with a couple of friends and I was thinking how to add more value on this Crush It page and I’ve obviously posted a lot of things, a number of topics, but I was really thinking today, you know what, I want to ask all of you, what do you want to hear about in the weeks to come? What questions do you have? What areas do you struggle with? Do you struggle with buyers? Are you struggling with sellers? Are you struggling on listing appointments? Are you struggling to price? Are you struggling to get offers accepted? What do you want to hear more about?

Give me some ideas. I will post answers. I will do all I can to help you all. That’s all. Have a great weekend, everybody. Thanks.