Get Your Smoke Inspections!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Time to have your sellers do their smoke inspections again, getting back to a sense of normalcy here step by step. Governor Baker here in Massachusetts, as of yesterday, July 10th, undid the order that he put in place back on March 20th, when he said that it was okay for a buyer to buy a property and then have 90 days to obtain the smoke certificate, smoke inspection, et cetera.

Yesterday, they said unless you have one of those agreements already in place, for a deal that you’re actively working on, a real estate transaction that’s actively being worked on, then you need to have the seller do it. If you have something under contract, and you already have that deferral agreement signed, Mass Association Realtors made up a great agreement. If you already have that signed, you’re fine. Buyer can do it within 90 days after closing.

If you don’t have that signed, and you just put something under agreement, you really should just have the seller do it. If something isn’t under contract yet, under agreement, under contract, then that one would fall under the normal rules, the sellers got to do it. Make sure you’re on top of this. Make sure you have your paperwork right.

The other tip I want to give out on this is don’t forget the deals that you’ve closed in the last 90 days. When people buy a new home, they’re overwhelmed, they’re busy, they’re– Don’t let them forget that. Send them a reminder, look at your closings over the last 90 days, a quick email, “Hey, just want to make sure you got your smoke inspection done since you moved in. Hope the house is working out.” That’s a smart thing to do.

Real estate’s a contact sport, the more people you’re in contact with, the more business you’ll do, and not to mention this is safety. This is your client’s well-being. Make sure to stay in touch with them. It’s very confusing to different people the way that this order worked. I hope that clarifies. I will put a blog that we had put out in the comments. We had put it out for buyers and sellers but we shared it over on our COVID-19 section of our Crushing in Real Estate website.

All right my friends, just got a haircut. I came over here to the cemetery to say hi to grandma. She’s up there, the grave with all the flowers. I’m going to water right now. Have a good weekend, everyone.