Get Your Buyers Ready To Strike!

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Anthony Lamacchia :

It’s bidding war season. Do you have your buyers ready? We call it ready to strike here at Lamacchia Realty. When I say that, what I’m talking about is you can’t wait until you find a property with your buyer that they want to buy, realize it has multiple offers on it and then say to your buyer, “Hey, get an updated pre-approval. Hey, write an offer letter to give to the seller so they can understand how much you want the property. Be willing to close whenever they want.” You can’t do that, you have to get them ready to strike in advance. Here’s the document that we provide to our agents here at the Marquee Realty and it works well. Any of you nationally can use this. Just put your own darn logo on the top. It’s very clear. It talks about having an updated pre-approval from a reputable lender.

Make sure your buyer is always readily available, not always but as often as possible, readily available to see properties. Have a personal letter ready to give to a seller. Be willing to offer over asking price. Be willing to possibly use an escalation clause. Consider careful here when doing inspection and then it talks about it. Short and contingency time frame, be willing to close when the seller wants to. All these kinds of things you’ve got to talk to your buyer about in advance.

Oftentimes, as I mentioned in the beginning what realtors do, they find a property and then they stand on the curb with the buyer and they rattle things off, “You got to do this, you got to do that, you got to do this, you need to get in touch with this person, you need to call my mortgage broker, you need to think about not doing an inspection.” Guys, when you present things to your buyer like that when they find a property, they are naturally skeptical. They’re thinking, “What is this agent talking about?” They just want to make a sale. Then when they don’t get the property, they realize you’re right. Why let it get to that? Why not talk to them about it in advance?

We have a couple things that we, as I said provide two agents here at our company. One of them is this ready to strike document. Another is an actual blog that we call ready to strike, and it has a video in it. The blog is extensive. It explains each thing that a buyer can do at length. That’s something that our agents are sending to buyers in advance of seeing properties that they think the buyer will make an offer on. Yes, the market has slowed down a bit, yes, it’s not as strong as a seller’s market in most places as it was a year ago.

Worcester County is different, Worcester itself is different. They’re lagging behind us a little bit, so their market is still extremely hot. Even though the market has changed here close to the Boston and around the country, there are still multiple offers on homes. We are at that time of year and you need to get your buyers ready in advance. What I’m going to do for you is, I’m going to post the ready to strike blog in the comments right below the video. Christine probably well, thanks Christine. This particular document here if you want it, I don’t care if you copy it, it’s fine with me. Post your email in the comments and we will email this off to you in the next few days. That’s all guys get your buyers ready to strike and have a great week.