Get Your Buyers in Action!

Read the blog below:

My friends fall is here in the real estate market, it officially starts today. What should you be doing with your buyers? Your buyers should be thrilled. A week ago today I was down in Fort Lauderdale and I talked to you guys about talking to your sellers about being prepared for fall and being realistic, but what should you be doing with buyers?

First of all, if you’re representing buyers, your buyers should be absolutely over the moon thrilled, okay. You if you’re an agent who mostly represent buyers you should be thrilled. This season here, the next three months, is tougher on listing agents, easier on buyer’s agents. Listen, for buyers that realize the market is better for buyers, okay? There is more inventory. We also have interest rates that are even better than they were six months ago in the fall.

There’s so many reasons that fall is better to buy that buyers should be extremely excited but remember, people don’t believe what they hear, they believe what they experience. You need to actually show them using my notebook. Pull an MLS report and say, “Look. Look how many homes are on the market right now compared to six months ago. Look how it was last fall compared to the spring of 2018,” to show them the trend, okay.

We as a company we’re putting out a blog today along with a video where I’m talking to buyers and we’re showing the data in a vlog to back it up. We’re going to put both of those in the comments below. I want you realtors, my friends out there, to be thinking about what should I be doing to get my buyers in action and to get my buyers to realize that it is a better time to buy. There’s no denying it, we realtors know it; fall is a better time to buy than Spring. I’ve been saying it for at least 10 years, right?

We also have another blog that we had put out last year that said no there’s nothing wrong with that house. It talked about this fall market and it talked about how when there’s more inventory, buyers get more choosy. Nothing more frustrating than when you’re an agent, you work with a buyer all spring and summer, they keep losing homes, they’re getting frustrated. You get to fall and they go, “Oh my god I love this house.” “All right great let’s make an offer.” “Why is no one else making offers, what’s going on here?” You’re like, “Are you serious? You just spent three months competing. Now you don’t have to compete with this one because there’s more to choose from and there’s less buyers; now you’re going to sit back.” Then they do the old, “Well, it’s on $600 I want to pay $450”, and it’s like, no no, don’t push your luck.

We have that in that blog. That blog actually shows properties that didn’t sell in the fall of 17 and sold for more in 18. We’re updating it right now to show homes that were on the market in the fall of 18 and sold for more in 19. When buyers see that, when they experience it instead of just hear it they realize, “Wait a second, it really is a better time to buy,” and that’s what you have to do.

Get your buyer’s updated pre-approval, show them the data, show them the market reports and get them while they’re seeing homes. Folks, it’s no BS, the best time buy is fall. I hope your buyers understand that and good luck. Happy home selling and I hope you have a great fall.