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Anthony Lamacchia – August 16th, 2018

Hey everybody, good morning. Want to talk to you about how to help you get more listings, how to get more listings of the commission you want, how to get more listings at the price that is right, how to get more listings with happy sellers. Couple of quick tips that I want to share with you right now. Number one, when you book a listing appointment, don’t be like every other realtor or most realtors and say, “Okay, see you at three o’clock on Tuesday.” You hang up, all you do is pull comps. You do nothing with that sell or in between.

Folks, get in touch with that seller, be in touch with them from the time you book the appointment to the time you go out to see that home. Send them some items of value via e-mail, via mail, maybe touch base with them before the appointment and ask some detailed questions about the home, but warm them up before you arrive. Okay? That’s tip number one.

Number two, when you arrive at the listing appointment and you’re walking around the house and taking a look at it when the seller says crazy things like, “I will not sell unless I get 600,” and you’re thinking to yourself. “Okay well, they’re not even getting 500.” Folks they’re puffing, that’s what sellers do. They gloat in the beginning, they think it’s a defense mechanism. They somehow think that by saying that to us it will get them more money for their homes. It’s amazing but that’s the psychology of sellers.

Don’t fall for the trap on the spot, continue with your appointment. Make sure you are talking about price and commission later in that listing appointment. That’s two quick tips for you on how you can sign up more listings. Now, implement those right away, you’ll sign up more listings but if you want to learn the whole system, the six-step seller conversion system that we developed here Lamacchia Realty and we teach to realtors around the country for real training and systems or crush it in real estate, whatever you want to call it.

If you want that, you need to look into what we’re doing in September. We are rerunning this entire course four weeks, two hours a week. This course will be one that you can tune in to live or you can buy the videos. A little announcement there, a little plug we’re going to be doing a big video release and a whole bunch of videos and the press release.

Right now our marketing manager Lindsey is thinking “Why is he announcing that now?” Giving you guys a little insight on what’s to come. Anyway if you’re interested, fill out a form and we can talk to you about doing this course in September or if you were to get the videos you could buy them and watch them whenever you want. All right, more to come on this folks read the link above Lindsay below. I don’t know, fill the form out. All right, [unintelligible 00:02:28] Have a good one everyone.

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