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Anthony Lamacchia – January 3rd, 2018

Good morning everyone, happy new year. I have a question for you. Would you like to have a few more buyer clients actively looking for homes by Monday? By Monday. Would you like to have a few more buyer clients actively looking for homes by next week? If the answer is yes, you need to listen to the rest of this. Anthony Lamacchia here.

First tip of the year. First one right here. Here it goes. Call every single one your leads that reached out to you, October, November, and December and you will never able to connect with. Call every single one of them today, tomorrow, the next day. Call, text, email. Don’t call once and be snobby, “Oh, they didn’t call me back. They must not be a real a lead”. No, no, no. If they’re going online, their pressing contact agent, they are buying a home, at some point.

The question is, are they buying from you? That’s the question and the answer is yes if you get a hold of it. Last year we had an agent, quick story, who, it was either new years day or the day after new year years day, should watch a movie on the couch with her daughter. She was bored of the movie so she typed a quick text. Three or four sentences long, something to the effect of, hey, Suzie, we never connected back in November when you had reached out on Zillow.

Oh, she said, happy new year to the beginning. Hey, Suzie, happy new year. We had never connected back last month when you had reached out on reference X, Y, Z property. I wanted to check in if you ended up buying that or any other homes. If not, I’m here to help.

As simple as that. She cut and pasted that text message and changed the name for somewhere between 10 and 15 leads. She got three or four clients out of it. One client, in particular, bought a home and sold a home, both by March. $1,100,000 worth of sales volume that she got, by March, literally from doing that activity. Sitting on a couch with her daughter, sending those text messages it got a conversation going, then she got them on the phone which is the key. Remember, text and email is only to get people on the phone.

She got them on the phone, got a meeting, rendered them as a client. She got three or four clients out of it that she closed within the first six months. That one, in particular, closed by March, 1.1 million worth of sales volume. Sold their home for 500. Sold them a new home for 600. That’s all folks, have a great day.