Get a Life!

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Anthony Lamacchia: Do you want to learn how to sell 100 homes a year and have a life? I’m Anthony Lamacchia of Lamacchia Realty and I’m bringing someone to town that can show you exactly how to do that. On October the 25th at 10 AM, Sara Kelki is coming to our event to talk to realtors here at Lamacchia, and several of our realtor friends all throughout New England, about how to sell over 100 houses, I should say, about how she sells over 100 homes a year continuously and has a life.

She has horses, she has a family, she travels a lot and she is a doer. She’s going to tell you how you can do that too. She’s going to teach you things at this event that you can immediately put in place, to see an immediate improvement on your business and an immediate improvement with work-life balance, time management and more. If you want to take advantage of this and you want to grow your business and learn how to do this, then you need to be at this event. Look below at the link, read more about it, sign up there and register and we’ll really be excited to have you there. Thanks very much everyone and I hope to see you there.