Finally Doing Video?!

Read the blog below:

Anthony Lamacchia : Video, video, video is happening. I see more people doing it, but you can do better. Anthony Lamacchia here. Yes, I’m driving, but I got my phone on my new fancy stand. Yes, it’s not horizontal, but I don’t care because I’d rather have a vertical video that doesn’t look perfect, than no video at all. That’s what I want to talk to you guys about.

I am noticing several realtor friends around the country, followers have crush it. I’m seeing many people get on video, and this is good news. They’re talking to their buyers, talking to their sellers, talking to their sphere of influence and educating people. I’m happy about that. Congrats to you all, but, you’re getting too fancy, you’re getting too fancy. There’s no reason to do all these.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I know what’s happening. I’m seeing all these fancy graphics and angles and images. Folks, this isn’t TV. This video here is going to go on crush it in real estate. We’re going to email it out to our followers. Guys, I’m sorry, but none of us are really stars. We’re not like HGTV or anything like that. We do some television commercials here, and once a year I go on and I do the fancy stuff, but you don’t need to.

What happens when you do that as a realtor is you have a tendency to delay. Well, I don’t want to do it today because I need to get my hair right. I don’t want to do it this week because I have a beard that has a white patch right here. Know if you’re me, I don’t care about my beard and my white patch. It makes no difference to me. I don’t care about I’m not having fancy graphics. What I care about is providing real valuable content.

We’ve had over the years, for those of you that are in Massachusetts you know I’ve done a lot of television advertising. Some of the fanciest ads that we’ve had have been a bust. What matters is what comes out of my mouth, what you offer when you’re advertising, and when you’re doing videos, what’s coming out of your mouth, what are you doing to educate people. That’s what’s critically important. Not all the fancy graphics and the hair done and the camera angle and five people there, you don’t need all that stuff.

Congrats to you all that have taken the plunge and jumped into video. I think that’s wonderful, that’s a huge step. Don’t overthink it. Don’t make a bigger deal out of it than you need. Just get on video and make a video just like I just did. I just flipped my phone to airplane mode, shut off Bluetooth and hit on, and just started talking to you guys. I didn’t make a federal project out of it.

That’s all. That’s my tip of the day, folks. I hope you’re all well. I hope you are kicking ass in full gear ready for a big 2019. I also hope anybody in New England, and I know we have friends coming from New York next, Thursday January 17th we have some wonderful speakers coming in, and we’re going to put on the best educational event in real estate in Needham, Massachusetts at the Sheridan at 01:00 PM. I hope to see you there. Thanks everybody. Have a good one.