Easter Weekend Thoughts

Read the blog below:

Easter weekend, Easter weekend. What does that mean for all of us in the real estate business? Means a couple of things. One, most buyers will say, “It’s Easter weekend, I’m busy.” What does that mean? Where’s the opportunity there for you? The opportunity is, your buyers that are serious, get them out this weekend. Even if you can give them an hour on Sunday morning, it will be helpful. They’ll have less competition. Especially if you have a buyer who’s frustrated, like been losing properties and frustrated with multiple offers, this is the weekend to pounce.

In addition to that, what to expect next week. Remember I said this, lot of properties going to get listed next week. You will see a major increase in inventory starting Tuesday, Wednesday, into next weekend. Keep those two things in mind, make it a great weekend. Happy Easter, everyone. Thanks, guys.