Don’t Wait Until the End of March

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Anthony Lamacchia – March 12th, 2018

Hey, everybody, good morning. Wanted to get a quick tip out. I’m Anthony Lamacchia here in the middle of my workout an I thought I’d take a break to explain this since I was thinking about it. Two weeks from now, even less than two weeks is March 1st. Okay. That’s when the majority of the homes come on the market after the winter slow down. Get on the phone with your sellers and convince them to list their homes sooner.

The sooner they list the better off they’re going to be because the inventory is still low. Okay, explain to them, show them it’s so easy in MLS if you look up home listed, it’s so easy to show them how that first weekend in March a ton of homes come on the market and given the market we’re in, they’ll be eaten up quickly, but it will net sellers more money if they list here in the next two weeks. Let’s face it, this is not a bad winter, this is a pretty mild winter.

To get your sellers more money to start your season sooner, to get your closings going sooner, get on the phone today and tomorrow, even if you can convince a third of them to list sooner, they’re going to be better off, you’re going to be better off. That’s all, have a great day everyone.