Don’t Get Complacent

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Anthony Lamacchia:

Here we go. Hey, hey. We’re live. Listen folks, complacency, complacency, complacency; don’t get complacent with your business. This is the thing that comes to mind. I’m out here in Palm Desert, California; Palm Springs, at the Inman Disconnect Event. One of the things that they’re talking about is– One thing Brad Inman does a real good job at, he does a lot of things well, but is talking about not getting complacent. Not specifically getting complacent, but that’s the word that comes to my mind. They talk specifically about disruptors. Sometimes Brad gets flack for worrying about certain companies that are up and coming, but I always listen to it, because I say to myself, “Business is war folks,” and in business, you’ve got to be ready for what’s to come. There’s threats out there everywhere. You might be successful today, will you be successful tomorrow? Will you be? It’s a valid question.

You might be successful with your business today. Maybe you’re really successful at work and viral leads. Maybe you’re really successful at working Zillow leads. Maybe you’re really successful at recruiting. Folks, that can change at any minute. I’ve been in this business 15 years, and three, four years ago we were kicking ass with Zillow leads as part of our company. I would go to some of those events and I would say to people, “Hey, guys, don’t get addicted. It’ll change. I learned this years ago. Don’t get in too deep with one source. It’ll change.”

My message to you all tonight, all my realtor friends, all my broker/owner friends, team leader friends across the country, is don’t get complacent. Don’t get some success and think you’re untouchable, because you’ll get slapped in the face real hard by reality.

Things change in business, and it is– Brad, right there. Brad, I just talked about you, my friend, on my Crush It In Real Estate page, and I said one of the things you do well is talking about disruptors, talking about what’s to come, and I said sometimes you get flack for talking about them too much, but it tells me not to get complacent-

Brad: There you go man.

Anthony: –because in this business too many people get complacent.

Brad: The great thing about Anthony, he’s not complacent.

Anthony: [laughs] Never. Never, never, never. Thank you. Great event. That was funny timing. Hopefully, you guys get my point, but all I’m saying is think about where your business is at. Think about diversifying your business because there might be a branch of it right now that’s really successful, but in six months that could change, and it could become unsuccessful. Hopefully, you guys get my point. I started this off with talking about complacency, and that was my main message that I want you guys to be thinking about. Don’t get comfortable. Complacency is like a bug. The more successful you get, the more of a chance you can get bit by that bug.

That’s all guys. Have a good night. I’m going to get back in here to the cocktail party, then I get to go home tomorrow. I’m actually looking forward to that. Two weeks of traveling is enough for me. Thanks guys. Have a good night.