Dont Discount Garbage Leads

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Anthony Lamacchia – May 10th, 2018

Hey, guys, do you ever get leads and you think they’re garbage like, let’s say, a mom calls and dad calls and you think, “Oh it’s a bad lead. This is a waste of time. Why are they calling me?” Well, I got a story for you. Or do you ever get a lead for say low dollar value, $100,000 and you’re in $500,000 market and you think it’s garbage. Well, I got news for you.

What’s up my friend? You wonder what I’m doing on camera, right? I’m dropping knowledge right now. Just talked to two of our agents, I was doing check-ins with. One of them [unintelligible 00:00:35] $100,000 land lead on Zillow a week or two ago. I can’t remember how long she said. Putting a deal together today for $675,000 from that $100,000 lead and here’s the best part, they’re looking at two other large pieces of land from $100,000 leads.

Just want to keep mentioning $100,000. Also talked to Chris Dudzik, awesome guy, great agent here at our company and he said, “Anthony, remember at training yesterday, you were mentioning don’t completely discount when parents call in as a lead?” I said, “Yes.” He says, “Well, guess what? I closed one about a month ago. That the mom had originally called on and I’m working on another one right now.”

I’m literally laughing talking to my society. We got to tell people about this. I mean, unreal. For those of you that think that these leads– You get them in your inbox when you’re busy throughout your day and you think they’re garbage leads, think again folks. They’re not garbage leads, they’re not clicking contact agent because they’re not for real. Never discount a lead. Never underestimate a lead.

Have a good day, everybody. Thank you.

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