Don’t Believe Everything Your Buyers Are Saying

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[00:00:00] Anthony: Hey, everybody I want to talk to you about something that happened with Genevieve just this week with one of our buyers. Genevieve is one of our best agents in the company. We’re at the Wooster Oilers hockey game with a whole bunch of our realtors. Everybody say, hi. Michelle say, hi.

[00:00:15] Anthony: AJ and Miller say, hi.

[00:00:17] AJ: Hey.

[00:00:19] Anthony: All right. Let’s get back to it. You had some buyer this week you met with, you signed them up to buy, but they told you, they’re not buying this year.

[00:00:26] Genevieve: I signed them up and they were like, “We’ll start looking towards the end of the year. We’re really looking to buy in the spring.” That’s what they told me.

[00:00:33] Anthony: You said okay?

[00:00:34] Genevieve: Perfect. I said that’s fine. Yes, we’re totally started looking and I set them up on our property finder system.

[00:00:40] Anthony: Yes. Then what happened?

[00:00:42] Genevieve: This morning, they hit me up with three properties that they want to look at, and got preapproved that morning, and are pretty much ready to buy. They put in an offer on one of the properties.

[00:00:51] Anthony: The moral of the story folks, because I always talk to you about this is, to you guys about this is, don’t bite on to every little comment a buyer makes. As consumers, all of us, we tell fibs, we lie to push salespeople off. Them telling you, “We’re not buying this year, it’s not going to happen, we’re waiting until spring.”

I don’t want to say they said that intentionally to lie, but that’s what consumers do to push people off. Genevieve was smart, she didn’t listen to it. She still followed the program. She was okay with it if that’s what they were doing, but you still connected within the system, you still sent them properties. Now they’re telling you they want to buy something, they saw a few things they like.

[00:01:30] Genevieve: Yes, and honestly, I think they didn’t even know that there was something in their price point that they could afford, so they actually thought that they would get a better deal in the spring. I was just educating them to know that now is a better time to actually buy.

[00:01:42] Anthony: Get after your buyer’s folks. Don’t be falling for that holiday garbage people telling you, “I’m not doing nothing, I don’t want to buy during the holidays.” The holidays are the best deals in the market. Michelle is making faces at us over here.

[00:01:52] Michelle: Yes.

[00:01:53] Anthony: All right, we’re going to get back to watching hockey.

[00:01:54] Michelle: Bye.

[00:01:55] Anthony: Bye everyone.