Don’t ASK if a Buyer is Pre-Approved!

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Anthony Lamacchia – November 30th, 2017

Hey everybody, wanted to get back to you about why to never ask if they have a pre-approval. Now, I don’t really mean never ever ask, what I mean is not in that first few minutes what people are doing just like I talked about yesterday with it, “Do you have a realtor?” It’s the same thing with, “Do you have a pre-approval?” When people go on Zillow or Trulia and they’re flipping through their phone, they’re not clicking a button that says interrogate me, ask me tons of questions.

In their mind, all they want is to find out about that property. So, talk to them about that property, talk to them about what you can do for them. Try to get that buyer consultation meeting with them and worry about things like that later. If you jump straight to, “Do you have a pre-approval.” right away it’s a massive turnoff to them. They’re thinking, “Who are you to care about if I’m pre-approved or not? My financial well-being has nothing to do with you”.

Put it off and when you do ask a nicer way to ask later, here’s another tip something like, “Hey, I’m curious have you looked into your financing options?” saying it like that you’ll be amazed how you’ll get a lot of information but they’re not taking it as an interrogation. Give it a try that’s another thing that will increase your buyer conversion. Have a great day everyone, take care.