Do You Want to be the Expert?

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Do you want to be the authority? Do you want to be the expert? Do you want everyone in your sphere to look at you like the expert? Do you want people to think of you when they are buying and selling a home?

Kids: Yes.

Anthony: [laughs] Of course, you do. The kids wanted to be in it. Listen, here’s how you do it, my friends. Not that difficult. Use MLS. Today’s August 2nd, Friday night, August 2nd. Everybody that’s watching this video can very easily go into their MLS and pull how many homes sold in the month of July, how many homes went pending, how many homes were listed for sale. Depending on what state you’re in. I realized that we’re a little spoiled here in Massachusetts. Our MLS is awesome and it’s very sophisticated.

It’s not that difficult. If you work in one town, you can do it manually. How many homes got listed for sale? How many homes went pending, meaning how many accepted an offer? How many sold, what was the average sale price of the sold, how many homes are on the market right now compared to a year ago? Guys, we do a lot of this stuff on our website and we post it out and we drive people to the site and we have a whole plan.

You don’t even have to do that. You could just type out the text on Facebook and say, “Fun facts about any town, USA, or Watertown, Mass, or Worcester, Mass, or Chicago, Illinois, or whatever,” and just put the data in. You do this repeatedly every single month and then people will look at you like the expert. I started doing this several, several years ago and people come to us for data.

Today, I was on a coaching call with someone in the mid-Atlantic region and that’s what made me think of this. He said, “How are you doing this?” I said, “Well, we have a whole marketing team and everything, but guys, once upon a time, we didn’t. Once upon a time, myself and one of our admins, at that time, there was one of them, started doing these. We just put them out and we were consistent and consistent. You do that continuously, people look at you as the authority. All right, guys. Do you want to say goodnight?

Kids: Goodnight.