Do You Have a Power Hour?

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Anthony Lamacchia – May 29th, 2018

Hey, everybody. Do you want to be more efficient with your calls? Do you want to reach more people? Connect with more people? If you’re in real estate and it’s not yes to all those questions, you might want to get out of the business. This is a connecting business. One of the things that I got back to doing three weeks ago– I’ll make a confession. I’m always good about staying in touch with people, calling people, texting people, being in touch on Facebook, but three weeks ago, I got back to a power hour, which is once a day, making dials, non-stop, without interruption.

One of the things that I do, I want to show you guys this real closely. See this button right here? See how I have work offline? I shut off email when I make calls. I don’t want any incoming emails when I’m making calls because they’re an enormous distraction. I also completely ignore texts. Any group texts that I’m on, I silence during my power hour. In addition to that, check this out, there’s a sign on my door, right here. Look at this, “Do not disturb. Anthony is doing a power hour.” Everyone knows it. Now, my nine o’clock meeting is here. Mike, say hi. Sarah, say hi.

[00:01:07] Mike: How are you?

[00:01:07] Sarah: Hi.

[00:01:08] Anthony: I think Cole’s hiding back there. I need to get to this meeting. If you guys want to be efficient with your calls, do a power hour. Put it in place today. Have a great day, everyone.