Do You Envision Your Success?

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Anthony: What’s up my friends? Friday night reporting to you from somewhere in Florida. Here for the weekend with the family and wanted to talk to you guys about just making things happen. I’m finally reading– my dad told me to read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill when I was 20 and for some reason, I never got around to it but we’re doing this new training and– with Bob Procter and Brian Delmaso who recommended it. He’s doing the course for us and first day they said you’ve got to read Think and Grow Rich so I’m reading it.

I’m like two or three chapters in, the first chapter’s on desire, second chapter’s on faith and that’s what I want to talk to you guys about because I’m reading it and one of the comments in there somewhere said if you don’t have a desire to have a lot of money in the bank you never will. If you don’t believe that you’ll some day have a lot of money in the bank then you never will. It’s so true, I’ll be totally honest here, and I have my faults and our business has its faults but when people ask me– so I’m saying that to point out that we have a long way to go.

When people often ask me, hey, did you think you’d get the company here, did you think you’d get here? I’m like yes, actually I did. Actually, I think I’m behind. Honestly I am, taking me longer than I thought. They say we’ll jeez, when did you envision this or– and I tell the truth. When did I envision it? When I was a teenager or even younger actually. Sometimes people ask that and I have conversations with people about it and that’s what made me think about it because what it basically said is if you don’t have vision of success, if you don’t see yourself at being successful it’s not going to happen, or seeing yourself being successful at something or being good at something whatever that something might be or big picture overall success, it isn’t going to happen. When I think about my business and where we’re going with the company and all the great people that we have there and I think about what’s to come in the future I’ll tell you my next vision. We’re going to be the number one privately-held brokerage in America. I already believe we’re the best brokerage. We have the best model. I believe we’ll be the biggest one day. And I can see it I front of me literally every day, I think about it every single day.

I was thinking about it I said jeez I should talk to people about this because if you’re someone out there who maybe you’re struggling or maybe you’re doing good but you want to do great or whatever, wherever you’re at. It doesn’t even have to be in real estate, but I talk a lot about real estate, you have to believe that you can do it. There’s no reason that you need to doubt yourself. I’m sorry but there’s not guys. Here’s a fact I’m not any smarter than anybody watching here. Not to say that I’m more successful. There’s plenty of people that are more successful than me that are watching, but the truth is I’m not any smarter than anyone in my company or anybody that’s watching here.

The difference with me I make shit happen, that’s one thing I’m really good at. Jon Cheplak had a mastermind last year in Vegas, last September, and I was there with our vice president of business development Jackie, and they went around the room. I was one of the last people, they passed the microphone around and they said hey, to kick the mastermind off everybody spend one minute on who you are, where you’re from and what your superpower is. It got to me and I said I’m Anthony from Lamacchia Realty from Boston and my superpower is I make shit happen. And everybody laughed and John posted about it in the group and everybody got a big kick out of it.

Jackie who’s been working with me for 10 years, I adore her, and she was there with me and she goes, “It’s true.” It’s like you all can do the same thing so no matter where you’re at with your business, if you’re– let’s break it down. You’re a new agent just starting, getting started. Right now you’re simply trying to figure out A to Z, well envision yourself selling 20 homes in 2020. Why can’t you do that? You can do that, oh no I got some visitor’s out here. You can do that, you absolutely can do that. If you’re someone that’s selling 20 homes a year and you’ve hit a ceiling, envision yourself selling 40 and then think about what has to change to get there.

That’s the key is you have to think about I always say well, what are you going to do differently to get there, same equals same. Envision the 40 homes and then think what I’m I going to change in my daily routine to get myself there and then make it happen. Take action, don’t sit around, don’t dwell, don’t complain, when things go wrong just make it happen. At our company, we have a lot of initiatives and a lot of branches to the company now and sister companies and different things. In some places, we’re in our infant stage and some of them were probably in our adolescent stage but we’re working hard every day.

We get up in the morning, myself, our management team, heck even our agents who they’re focused on their own businesses but they too are interested in the overall growth of the company and our staff. As time goes on even if you’re a team– if you’re working by yourself or you’re a team of two or three, guys just make shit happen. You see something, you know you will have a better life from it, just get after it, envision it, see it, believe, have faith, have desire. Because there’s nothing that can stop you, that’s what this whole book is talking about with Napoleon Hill that I’m reading.

Again I’m only two chapters in so I could have more thoughts before the end of the book, but think about that, I’m getting ordered out of here. Ava what’s going on, we’ve got to go to dinner?

Ava: Yes.

Anthony: Say, hi guys.

Speaker 3: Hi.

Anthony: I need to head out to dinner, but those are some thoughts and you guys get the point of what I’m saying but just get after it, no excuses, make it happen right. You come up with an idea, you realize something’s working great, do it more. You realize something’s not working, pivot. It’s not that hard, you all can do it. There’s plenty of people watching that have done it better than me, but I’m just here to deliver the message. All right folks have a good weekend