Do Not Ask if the Buyer is Working With a REALTOR

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Anthony Lamacchia – November 30, 2017

Hey, everybody, good morning. I promised I’d get by to you with the answers on those two things that I said never to ever ask a buyer when you’re first on the phone with them. One is, do you have a realtor, the other is are you pre-approved.

Right now I’m going to answer the do you have a realtor. If I do both it’s going to be a five-minute video and I don’t want that, and I know you don’t either. Here’s the thing, when you ask someone do you have a realtor, what you are essentially doing is handing them a shield. You’re giving them a shield to push you off. It’s no different than walking at the department store.

Think of it this way, we all go to the store, right? We walk in, we look around, clerks walk up and says, “Excuse me, could I help you?” What do we all say, “No.” Right, or we run because no one at that moment wants to be sold. If you’re me within five minutes you’re like where did that clerk go I need help because you don’t know where things are.

It’s the same difference. When you’re first on the phone with a buyer and you’re saying do you have a realtor. The first thing they do is say yes, and the reason they do that, most of the time, is that it’s defense mechanism to push you away. Let’s think about it. How many people do you know that don’t know a realtor? Everybody knows a damn realtor, everybody knows two or three realtors.

When you say do you have a realtor, their natural reaction, most of the time to push you off is, yes. Then you hear yes and you start with the, “Well, you better call your realtor then.” and there you go you’re pushing them away. If you want to be the realtor police go ahead keep asking. If you want to convert more buyers sell more homes. Stop asking and watch what the results are, I guarantee you’ll sell more homes and you’ll end up working with more buyers. Have a good day, everyone.