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Anthony Lamacchia – March 2018


Speaker: Are you doing video or you’re overthinking? Are you getting ideas about messages that you want to get out to your buyers and sellers to solve their problems, solve their concerns, answer their questions but you’re overthinking, hesitating, and then not doing any? Stop doing that. Don’t overthink, just make a video, make it quick, get to the point.

Look at this video I did yesterday morning backed out of my garage. Said to myself, “Jeez, I should get a message out to sellers about how now’s a good time to list after this huge snowstorm because less people are listing.” What did I do? Put my car in park, put my phone on selfie mode, did this video. I don’t look good at all. Let’s be serious, I don’t. 3,000 views, 7,000 people read, 55 shares.

Years ago, I would suit-and-tie, camera crew, the whole nine yards. We don’t need to do that. Those don’t even work as well as simple videos just like this. Don’t overthink. If you’ve got a message you want to get out to your buyers, your sellers, get on video today and put it out there. Thanks everybody. Have a great day.