DISC Personality Training

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Anthony: Do you follow the DISC personality profiling system? Do you that if you follow it your sales will increase dramatically because you’ll be able to adapt your personality to someone else’s and sign up more clients? I am here at the wonderful offices of Every Door Real Estate. Lindsay, one of the owners right there, good friend. Over here Jason and a whole bunch of great realtors. Did we just had a fun time talking-


talking this personality? All right. Let’s talk about some of the takeaways. A couple of things. We talked about DISC as a whole. D, Dominant personality. I, Influencer. Tend to be talkative, tend to be really personable. S, Supportive-type role. Tend to be administrative assistants, tend to be working for others, order takers, good at that sort of thing. C personalities tend to be what? Really analytical. Analytical. They want data. The most important part of understanding this system is understanding that we’re all wired differently. Right?

Audience: Right.

Anthony: We just talked about. We talked about how, for example, if you’re a D like me I know that if I’m meeting with an S personality or a C, I need to be what?

Lindsay: Slowing down.

Anthony: Slowing down. Be more patient. Lindsay’s over here just nailing stuff, right?


Anthony: Lindsay is a D. Super important stuff. If you are an S and you’re meeting with a D what do you need to do, Jason?

Jason: [stammers]

Anthony: Oh my God. All right. What is that?

Audience: Speed it up.

Anthony: Speed it up. If you’re an S or a C– What’s that?

Jason: Be on…

Anthony: All right. Well, I did that on purpose, buddy. If you’re an S or a C you’re going to speed it up if you’re meeting with a D because Ds want to get to the point. They want to move things faster. What I’m going to do for all of you since I can’t possibly explain this whole system in a few minute video is if you leave your email in the comments below we will email you a two-page– I think it’s two-page, no, one page. We have like a summary page of the DISC personality profiling system. We have a summary page and we will email it to you by next- what’s today? Friday?- by next Thursday.

Comment below on what you think of DISC and if you use it, if you’re a believer in it please comment. If you want this one-page summary that we have, put your email there, we’ll send it out you and help you with this. We’re actually probably going to talk about this more in the weeks to come.

All right, everybody. Thank you very much. Do we have a fun time today?


Anthony: All right.


Anthony: Say bye