Dial, Dial, Dial

Video Transcription

Good morning, everyone. I want to give you a tip on how to not lose the day and how to reach a ton of prospects today, because days like today with a lot of snow are a perfect day to do that. So if you’re stuck in the house like I am with kids everywhere. Here’s the baby, say hi. [laughs] If you’re stuck in the house like I am, there is no reason to lose the day. Snow days like this when the governor is on TV, acting as if we’re going to get 50-100 inches of snow, the whole world’s going to end, it’s insane, these are the days to reach people. Prospects are much easier to reach on snow days.

Three years ago when we had all that snow over a 30-day period, our inside sales agent absolutely killed it on snow days reaching people. Whether you need to follow up with buyers, sellers, I don’t care what kind of prospects, actually it apples to any sales person in any industry, today is a great day to reach them. Get on the phone and dial, dial, dial, dial. Don’t lose the day, all right? Have a great day, everyone. Thank you.