DANGER! Beware of Closing Mode!

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Anthony Lamacchia – May 17th, 2018

Hey everybody. Are you tired of being poor, then rich, then poor, then rich, then poor? That realtor life is one you don’t have to live. You don’t have to have such ups and downs with money. The reason you are is you are falling victim to closing mode. You need to be aware of it because it is dangerous. It is a very serious thing that happens to so many realtors, especially every May and June, hence why I wanted to talk about this now.

Closing mode is like a disease that attacks you. You get three, four, five, 10, 12 deals under contract. Before you know it, you’re not prospecting. You’re not calling up your leads. All you’re doing every single day is obsessing with your deals that are under contract, putting out fires, obsessing with replying to attorneys in milliseconds. If a lawyer emails you at two o’clock and says they need a purchase in sale, they need this, they need that, you’re applying right away and going crazy.

Not realizing that, you know what, if I prospect right now and I send this back in two hours, nothing will change. No one will die. There won’t be an end to the transaction. Nothing horrible will happen. It’s a fixation that realtors get on their current transactions. They tend to do it– the poor stage is usually the winter, then you have a lot of deals under in the in the spring, then you get really rich in the summer and really excited. Some realtors kickback, they don’t do very much.

Before you know, they’re not prospecting while the deals are under, not prospecting through the summer, boom, they’re poor again. This is happening all the time. How many of you feel like you’re living this life, this roller-coaster life? You don’t have to. You have to prospect every single day, prospect, prospect, prospect, calling people back, lining up meetings, and budgeting your time appropriately. We’ve talked about this a lot in month’s past about what are dollar-productive activities and what are unproductive activities?

Well, truthfully, working your deals, yes, it’s very important. No question about that. I’m not sitting here saying, “Don’t work your deals.” You need to. You need to be responsible for your clients. But does it need to be all-day affair? Do you have to constantly be playing whack-a-mole all day long? No, you don’t. You don’t have to. You can budget your time correctly. Number one time of day to prospect in my opinion, because it’s like working out. If you don’t do it in the morning, you’ll never do it.

Eight, nine in the morning. Especially 7:45, great time to reach people. Make time for it. Make time today and stick with it. Now, here’s what I want to do on this video. Let’s play confession. Every realtor that’s ever been guilty of this put the emoji with the hand sign like this or say whatever you want. I’m going to do the same thing because back when I started in this business 14 years ago, I used to be guilty of it. It took me a few years of this here to get it and I want to help you all get it faster. That’s all everybody. Congrats on having a bunch of deals under. I hope you do but don’t fall victim to closing mode. Be careful because it’s very dangerous. Have a great day.