Crush It Website has Launched!

Read the blog below:

Crush It In Real Estate has a website now folks. It’s finally launched, here it is. This is 12 months after we initially launched Crush It In Real Estate on Facebook. It’s been a huge hit, we’re over 8000 likes and I appreciate that. I thank you all for the support. What we decided to do is get it all on a website. We have our courses now on there in a nice format. We have our videos, all the videos we’ve ever done. Some of the feedback we got from people was, “Hey, I love your videos but when I think of one from six months ago, I’ve got to go scroll and scroll and scroll and find it.”

You don’t have to do that anymore, you can go right into here. If you want to learn more about us, if you want to learn more about me, you can do that by clicking there, but I recommend that, that will be a huge waste of time folks, all right. If you want to learn more about Lamacchia Realty, that might be a good idea. Whatever you want to learn about, social media tips, we have blogs, we have videos, we have everything you can think of.

This is going to be the number one learning center for realtors in the United States of America and I want your help doing it. Give us your feedback if you think something is missing. Thanks, everybody.