Corporate Relocation Business

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Anthony Lamacchia : 

Hey everybody. Have you ever thought about incorporating corporate relocation into your business? I’ve talked to you before about doing relocation as a whole, even told you the last time I was at a conference but corporate relocation is another business that’s really a whole real estate business unto itself.

Barry Matheny: Yes, Anthony.

Anthony: I am here with the master of masters, the godfather of corporate relocation himself, Mr. Barry Matheny, come on. 

Barry: Oh, we got the entire ride.

Anthony: I know I call you Barry but do you want me to say it perfectly?

Barry: No, you don’t have to.

Anthony: He’s with John L. Scott in the northwest part of our wonderful country and he has been a help to us. We got connected a year ago at the conference. I talked to you guys about going to conferences before, and you’ve been involved in corporate relocation how long?

Barry: 15 years.

Anthony: You’re working with, you probably don’t want to give away all your clients but several major corporate clients across the country.

Barry: Yes, we are.

Anthony: You guys pay out those referral fees with other clients?

Barry: Absolutely. We got realtors on our team that get it. They’ve been trained, they understand how that works and what really happens after that too, Anthony is that reciprocal business-

Anthony: That comes back?

Barry: -that people often get. It comes back if you’re providing that level of service. Of course, here RE, we get a real good opportunity to really highlight who we are and also at the same time, connect those dots with people that really love a good seaside meeting.

Anthony: I will admit, I tell you guys a lot of to-dos and tips and things like that but sometimes I like to share mistakes. One of my mistakes, I did not focus on or pay enough attention to relocation business as a whole until about three years ago. I didn’t get serious about corporate relocation and figuring out who I was going to hire until about a year ago when we hired that gentleman down there, Shane. Shane, Shane, say hello. Hello people.

Barry: Say, “Hello people.”

Shane: Hello.

Anthony: But Barry is someone that’s been at it, you said 15 years?

Barry: Yes.

Anthony: He is working with all the major corporations across the country, all the major corporate relocation companies. Let’s give a couple of tips on how to get in with those companies. We always want to provide our viewers with some tips so.

Barry: Well, it– yes.

Anthony: It’s not easy. It’s relationship-based.

Barry: No, it’s really about the relationship and making sure that first off is that you are providing the service that allows you an opportunity to get in with those corporations.

Anthony: You mean build and make sure that you can actually handle it? 

Barry: Building it up and also following up, making sure that you’re staying connected with those people so that they see you and they know who you are. It takes time. It just doesn’t happen.

Anthony: Happen overnight?

Barry: No, you’ve got to work at it. By making a decision to bring somebody in like Shane is going to give you that opportunity to put that focus in on an area that will help your business grow.

Anthony: One of the ways that you’ve done it is you go to the conferences.

Barry: I do.

Anthony: You shake the hands.

Barry: I do.

Anthony: That’s how you and I met.

Barry: That’s right.

Anthony: Last year, he was on stage here at this conference and he walked out we bumped into each other. I said hello, we got talking for 20 minutes, we stayed in touch, and that’s how it happens folks. At our company, you’re going to see our corporate relocation business grow dramatically as our relocation business is growing a lot. Hopefully, some day we can do like half of what you do Barry.

Barry: Yes, well, you know what, I think you’re on your way. I think the most important thing, you got a great company-

Anthony: Thank you.

Barry: -and as far as I’m concerned, a great partner.

Anthony: Well, thank you.

Barry: We’re here to support you.

Anthony: I appreciate that.

Anthony: Thank you very much.

Barry: All right.

Anthony: That’s how everybody. Open your eyes to this relocation business and corporate relo as a whole. You won’t regret it.

Barry: Yes, that’s true.