Conversion Killers!

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Anthony Lamacchia :

Are you not signing up as many listings as you think you should be. Ever gone on an appointment and feel like you totally have it and then you leave the house and you never get it, and you think why didn’t I get it? Why didn’t I get it? Maybe you’ll hate on the realtor that they went with. Well, I got news for you in most cases it’s you. It’s the things you’re saying, it’s the things you’re doing. How do we fix that? Well, what I’m going to do is I’m going to talk to them Lindsey about two of the three biggest conversion killers.

One of them is talking about price too early in the appointment. When you go on a listing appointment price needs to be talked about later in the appointment. When you’re going over your presentation, they are not going to listen if you even allude to what prices should be at the beginning of the appointment. That is what I call a listing appointment conversion killer. I didn’t bother writing out conversion but that’s a conversion killer if you talk about it too soon. Here’s another thing that you should not talk about too soon in the appointment. The commission. You talk about price too soon, you talk about commission too soon you are shooting yourself in the foot.

There’s a third and it’s very important and if you want to hear the third you are going to tune in to our live free webinar this Friday at noon time to hear about what the third one is. We’re having a conversion webinar we’re going to talk about buyer conversion seller conversion. All different types of conversion tips. One of them will be what not to talk about too early in your listing appointment because it’s a conversion killer. Tune in if you have time. Actually, make time. We talk about time management.

When I was selling, when I was learning this business when I found out there was a training that I could do better or even a chance of doing better. I put it in my calendar it didn’t move. I didn’t let home inspections and all this other peripheral garbage get in my way. I was there so if you want to grow your business you’ll be there Friday at noon. I’ll tell you what the third listing appointment killer is and a whole bunch of other free no obligation conversion tips. See you then.