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Anthony Lamacchia: Well, they didn’t call me back. I’m not calling them back. Guys, this isn’t


Anthony: You’re not out in a date. This is sales. In sales, you have to get after it. You’ve got to pick the phone up. You’ve got to call people. Starting today, no voicemails after the first call, What you’re going to do instead is, you’re going to call. When they don’t pick up because they won’t and you’re now going to expect that people don’t pick up, as soon as their voicemail picks up, hang up and call right back. It’s a double dial. If you’re thinking, “I don’t want to be a pain. I don’t want to be annoying,” my answer to that is, “I want to be a pain. I am annoying.” That’s how I reach tons of people.

Use text as a means to get people on the phone, not as a means to sell them. Be brief. Be to the point when you are on the phone with people, I want you to picture that there is money on the other end on that table and you are trying to get your hand on it. I literally want you to say to someone at the end of a call if they don’t sound excited, “You don’t sound that excited.” “What do you mean?” “Well, you don’t. Usually, when I explain our system to people, they are dying to meet, and you don’t sound dying to meet, so I must have done a bad job explaining. Let me go back through it with you.”

The goal of a call is to get an appointment. The goal of the appointment is to sign them up. After you sign them up, you worry about the mortgage. If 1 out of 10 isn’t approved to buy at that time, so you sell them the house in six months. If I’m sitting with you tomorrow at a Starbucks up the street and I say, “I want to get a six-bedroom, four car garage, five baths on the water for 200.”


Anthony: Now, see you’re all laughing, right? What do I want her to do now? “That sounds fantastic.”



Anthony: That’s what I want you to do. Who’s going to go, “What did they say we can get?” “550.” “550? What’s the commission?” Whatever. “Six apples.” “What? Six apples? I know a guy that will do it for three oranges.” You follow me? Because they focus on that. They fixate on it. Your job is to get them away from that and to focus on you, your presentation, your marketing.