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Camera Man: Starting.

[00:00:01] Speaker 1: Starting. We’re live. My friends, I am excited to bring to you someone else who doesn’t drink coffee every day Chantel Ray. She’s had a great training with Chantel and over 200 Realtors here. A lot of them from ChantelRay real estate and other companies here on Virginia Beach. You said you wanted to tell me your best takeaway.

[00:00:18] Chantel: Oh my gosh, he came to speak to us, he was absolutely amazing, everyone’s been texting me that how amazing he was.

[00:00:25] Speaker 1: Thank you.

[00:00:26] Chantel: I loved when you said, because a lot of agents will call the lead and they will literally be like, “Oh my gosh, the lead didn’t come back.”

[00:00:34] Speaker 1: Oh my God, it’s so surprising.

[00:00:34] Chantel: Yes, and they like panic and it’s like– What he said was, “This isn’t, they don’t call you back like don’t stress about it.” I think that’s really key and the fact that one girl said, “You know, a lot of times we’re taught to do 11 times. You contact those people over and over again,” and you’re saying you’ve got this girl who’s doing amazing, she says–

[00:00:56] Speaker 1: She keeps following up. She doesn’t stop.

[00:00:58] Chantel: She just goes over and over and over again. I loved that. I also loved at the end, instead of saying, “Are you ready to sign the paperwork,” you are like hey– [crosstalk] Yes, [unintelligible 00:01:09] your paper, are you ready to sign? You’re like, “Are you ready to look for buyers for your home?” Which is just–

[00:01:15] Speaker 1: It’s more subtle.

[00:01:16] Chantel: Yes.

[00:01:17] Speaker 1: It’s less something– Instead of, “Okay, you like everything, okay please sign here, let’s go over the contract it’s just are you ready to start looking for buyers?” It’s very simple.

[00:01:26] Chantel: Yes. Article one to ten piece fo 20.

[00:01:29] Speaker 1: Oh, well, thank you, so that was the biggest takeaway, those two.

[00:01:32] Chantel: Yes, for sure.

[00:01:32] Speaker 1: I think you had a couple more-


[00:01:33] Speaker 1: -you told me you have like few. Let’s give them some more.

[00:01:35] Chantel: I don’t know if I should give them all.

[00:01:36] Speaker 1: Couple more.

[00:01:37] Chantel: I would say one, I’m a super ID and so you talked about, on the first five minutes when you meet with a client do five minutes of rapport because I’m such an ID that I’m like, “Okay, let’s get right into it. How much do you owe?” Blah blah blah, and getting into it and then it’s like, “No, we need to find out what’s important to them and building rapport and not talking about real estate.

[00:01:57] Speaker 1: That’s sales 101 in my eyes. No matter what you’re doing as a realtor or any salesperson who’s watching this, I know we have a good sales following, don’t go in and be so quick to talk about the subject that you’re there for. Make friends with people, talk to them. What’s going on in their life? What’s going on with their kids, football, baseball whatever it may be. When you do that you’re going to build better rapport and I always teach our agents, “Talk about everything other than real estate.” For the first five minutes at least. If they’re an I personality you get longer.

[00:02:23] Chantel: Yes, and I think back to the phone calls because I feel like everyone just calls one time and then lets it go. Another big one is don’t be afraid to be annoying like– and really you’re not that annoying as you think you are.

[00:02:35] Speaker 1: That’s right.

[00:02:36] Chantel: I thought that was great.

[00:02:38] Speaker 1: We did that video last week right here on Crush It and I talked about, hey I’m not scared to be a pain in the ass, not scared to be annoying and then I was telling the group, I said, “Guys, but in all honesty, are you really being that annoying?” I mean think about how many times you call someone–

[00:02:49] Chantel: A lot of people were like, “Thank you so much.” They expect a lot of the times-

[00:02:53] Speaker 1: For a continuing follow-up.

[00:02:54] Chantel: -to follow up.

[00:02:55] Speaker 1: Yes, exactly. Well, thank you for having me.

[00:02:56] Chantel: New question. [crosstalk]

[00:02:58] Speaker 1: I appreciate it very much and it was great to come down and thank you, everyone, have a good day.