Buyers From Fall are Ready!!

Read the blog below:

 Anthony Lamacchia: Do you want more business right now? Do you want more serious buyers right now? I’m going to tell you how to do it with my friend Savannah, who talked about it yesterday at our event. Savannah Lavender here from Georgia came up to our Crush It In Real Estate event and absolutely killed it. Part of what she talked about is giving people a tip on how to get right now business without spending any money, without doing anything crazy.

When she said it on stage, I said, “Savannah, what are you, in my brain? I was going to do a Crush It video on that on Saturday morning.” Truthfully, I was delaying because we had so many videos and so many promotional things for the event. Let’s jump into it, tell them what they should be doing to get buyers right now.

 Savannah Lavender: Those buyers that called you back in last spring or the fall are the ones to call now because those are the ones that they said, “We’re going to wait until the beginning of the year. We don’t really have time right now, we’re too busy. We’re saving up more.” Those are your A buyers right now.

Yes, you have some hot buyers that are calling in, but the thing is that those people that called back in the fall, spring, whatever, even in the beginning of the year last year, it’s going to be more personal the fact that you remembered them. They are going to choose you as their buyer because most times, 9 times out of 10, other agents, they don’t care about them because they are not an A buyer. Go above and call those people because it’s going to work.

 Anthony: Those are the people that didn’t call you, so even people you never spoke to, they were buyer leads from spring and summer and fall, I would go all the way back to spring, if it were me, I’d probably start with the fall and then I’d go to summer. Guys, if you didn’t speak to them, if you spoke to them and they flaked out, you never picked out an appointment. If you met with them, signed them up and they flaked out, call those people, don’t get–

I always say this when I do trainings, guys, this isn’t, it’s not dating, “They didn’t call me back, I don’t want to call them. They won’t get back to me.” Screw that shit. This is all about converting people and getting a hold of them. Just because they flaked out in the fall or the summer doesn’t mean that they are not a good buyer. Most of the buyer leads that you receive, over 75% are buying a home within 12 months. The question is, “Are you going to be the one to sell it to them?” Get on the phone, call those buyers today.

Double dial them, triple dial them and get them on the phone. That’s all, everyone. Next thing we’re going to do right now is we’re going into a podcast and we’re going to talk about follow-up skills that Savannah uses. She made some great comments about it on stage yesterday, on the phone to me last week, and we’re going into the weeds about how she follows up with people on our podcast. Look out for that next week, we’ll probably post that Monday, right, Lindsey?

Lindsey: Yes.

Anthony: All right. Thanks, everybody.

Savannah: Bye, thank you.