Buyers Are In Action!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Are you noticing that all of a sudden it’s much busier out there, buyers are in action? This is normal. We see this every year, right around this time, right around end of October to the middle of November. It’s a brief window of people that say, “Wait, if we want to buy this year, if we want to be in a house before the holidays, we’ve got to buy and we’ve got to buy now, this is normal and it’s obviously a great thing.”

Now, a couple of things I want to tell you just to help you navigate this a little bit better, especially with your buyers, we put out a blog and you don’t necessarily have to use our blog, but you could use it as a point of reference. I’m going to put it in the comments right after I post this video, but what we did is we made a blog about a month ago that said “If you wait to buy, you’ll pay more”, now I might have briefly talked about this in a prior video, but we pulled a whole bunch of comps in Woburn, in Norwood, in Westford, in Worcester and Waltham, no coincidence our office towns, but we pulled properties that were listed last fall that didn’t sell that ended up selling this past spring for more. In some cases, dramatically more.

This will have an impact on the buyers when they realize, “Gee, I better buy now.” Take this one for example in Woburn was listed last fall for 499 and didn’t sell. It was relisted in the spring for 539, okay? Sold to 560, $60,000 more. You might say, “Oh, maybe they did some work.” Keep going through the list, there’s a ton of them. The point I’m getting at is, it is your job as an agent, I always say this, to actually show people what you’re talking about, not just tell them. Too many agents spend too much time just preaching like I’m doing right now without showing the data.

Don’t be lazy, go in MLS, search properties that expired last year in the fourth quarter, and then search this year to see if they were relisted, many times they sold for more money. If you can show that to your buyer, okay, it will have a major impact to them. You can email it to them. You can send them this blog if you want. If you don’t want to send them IQ stuff don’t, create your own if you want to make it easy, use that, but the point of getting at is, you have to get the buyers to understand this that this is a better time to buy.

It’s going to be like this for a few more weeks till about the middle of November. Then it tends to die off for Thanksgiving. Now this year’s interesting where Thanksgivings is later, but we’ll see, I don’t have an exact crystal ball, but make sure to show people the data. With sellers, if you go through another week and they’re not selling, you have to go to them and say, “Hey, mister or missus seller, we’ve got about a week or two left and if this thing doesn’t sell, you’re going to be holding on to it likely till after the holidays, not always but likely till after the holidays,” a lot of times sellers need that encouragement.

Again, use data and show them different things, maybe don’t show this blog because then they might want to wait until spring, but let’s face it, if it’s better for them, and they can wait then tell them to pull it off the market and show them this. You understand what I’m saying? It really depends on what’s best for them but when you’re working with a buyer, you know, they’re better off buying now than in February, March or April when they’re going to get aggravated and they have to compete. So get out there and make it happen. Happy Halloween.