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Anthony Lamacchia – April 2018


Anthony Lamacchia: Are you ready to grow your business? If you are, then you understand or you should understand the need for leads, the need for knowing how to convert those leads, the need to get yourself set up in a position to consistently receive leads, convert the leads, sell homes. This is how it works folks.

My name is Anthony Lamacchia. I’m broker-owner of Lamacchia Realty and owner of REAL Training and Systems. I’ve been obsessed with training agents, training realtors across the country, here in our company and across the country on how to get themselves set up so that they become a lead magnet. The leads just come to them.

Remember, leads are the true lifeblood of any business. Since day one when I started in the business 14 years ago, that’s been my obsession, always wanting to generate leads. Now we send the leads out to agents. If you are truly interested in growing your business, in taking our system that we have used for years and years, bringing in thousands of leads, over 3,000 buyer leads year-to-date, over 500 seller leads year-to-date. We bring them in, we give them to agents and the agents are trained on how to convert them.

If you want to do that in your business, you want to learn how we do it step-by-step, then you need to listen what I’m about to offer for you because it’s something that I’ve never ever offered before, ever.

I put together three separate videos that talk about exactly how to do this? How to get yourself set up, where to buy how to buy all those different kinds of things? Getting into an even more deep on the second video and then in the third video the actual conversion. How to do that? Three separate videos, I am selling these three videos for only, only, are you ready? 39.99. This is an insane deal. About nine different people had to twist my arms and get me to agree to sell it for this small amount.

We’re offering it to agents here in Massachusetts, across New England, competitors of ours and realtors across the country, broker-owners, team leaders. It doesn’t matter who or where. This is the system that I used back when I started, when I was a realtor, when I was a team leader to one of the largest teams in the nation and number one here in New England to the last four or five years that I’ve been a broker-owner and helping agents grow their businesses this way.

That’s what we’ve created, its worked for us. It is a proven repeatable system that you can take, implement in your business. Not difficult, the videos aren’t hours on end long, I get to the point that’s the type of guy I am.

So 39.99, click the link, above, below wherever it is, I forget. Click the link, you go right in, you can purchase right there with your credit card and then start watching them. There’s three of them in a row and if you take even half of what we are saying, you are going to see a substantial improvement in your business whether you’re a realtor, a team leader, a broker-owner. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from if you want to grow your business.

Again, with the lifeblood of a business, leads, how to convert them, how to create more, how to do a better job with them, how to be a magnet. These videos are for you for only 39.99. Go ahead, click the link, fill out your information and get started. Best of luck and thank you.