Broker/ Owners, Do You Do Fun Things with Your Coworkers?

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Hey, broker-owners, team leaders. Are you doing things with agents to have fun things as a group, things to raise money, where you’ll do a lot of that here at the Marquee Realty today. It’s one of our favorite days of the year. We’re raising money for Children’s Hospital at the Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup. Everybody say, “Hi.”

Audience: Hi.

Anthony: Say, “Hello.” Are we having fun?

Audience: Yes.

Anthony: We’re competing next, all different kinds of events. If you’re not already doing things with your team, you should be because it’s a lot of fun and we’re raising money for what? Our favorite cars?

Audience: Yes.

Anthony: All right. Thanks, everybody. Good luck.