We Have a Gift for You!

Read the blog below:

Hey, everybody. I want to thank you. We have hit 5,000 likes on the Crush It In Real Estate page. I have a gift for you to show my appreciation. Many of you have been very good not only liking our page, but sharing videos, commenting, liking, and interacting with the page overall, giving me feedback on, “Hey, can we learn more about this or more about that.” I really appreciate it. I really appreciate the support.

To show you my support, I’m going to provide you with price adjustments scripts. This is part of our seller training course. I don’t want to be selling anything. I’m just going to give it to you because you guys have all been so supportive of me. Since the market has changed a bit over the last month, I thought it was a perfect time to provide you with those scripts.

At our company, we’ve been studying and training more on price adjustments and having price adjustment conversations with sellers.

To make those conversations a lot easier having the scripts, and knowing what to say, and knowing how to explain it in a non-combative way to get sellers to understand that it’s not you, it’s the market, and they need to make an adjustment if they want to sell, these scripts make it a lot easier on you so post your e-mail address in the comments below.

I just did this but in the comments below and by Wednesday we will send out a mass e-mail with our price adjustment scripts. It’s probably a two-page document. We already have them. I’m just going to touch them up over the weekend, but we’ve been training on them here.

We’ve trained a lot of our national customers on these price adjustments, and it works. These scripts work really well. It’s helped a ton of our realtors. I promise you if you learn them, if you learn even half of them, it’ll make those price adjustment conversations that are often dreaded by realtors a lot easier on you. That’s pretty much that. Post your e-mail. We’ll get it to you. Again, thank you so much. I appreciate the support. Take care.