Big Closing Week?

Read the blog below:

Realtors do not get caught in closing mode. You might already have the disease. It might have caught you. I talked about it last year in a more lengthy video, today I’m going to be quick. This week here is the busiest week of the year for closings across the state. Friday usually is the biggest Friday of the year for closings. That means a lot of you realtors have closings coming up and you’re probably feeling bogged down with them. That’s understandable.

Make sure you budget time this week to book yourself new business appointments, new buyers, new sellers. Make sure you reach out to those buyers that you haven’t gotten contact with yet. Schedule new appointments for next week. Don’t let the fact that July 4th is next Thursday make you mentally get derailed. That doesn’t matter. Don’t let the fact you have a lot of closings happening mean that you’re not prospecting. When you do that, you create peaks and valleys in your business. Don’t do that. Have consistency. Make dials this week. Get in front of people and create new business. Thanks guys have a good day.